What Is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is much more than using a few chemicals that have been labeled as “green”. Green cleaning is a system of cleaning that is less detrimental to the environment and promotes healthy surroundings for homeowners and their families.

Our residential green cleaning program incorporates safer cleaning methods, less-toxic cleaning products, more efficient cleaning equipment, packaging that has less impact on the environment, and recycled paper supplies.

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Reasons You Should Switch To Green Cleaning

  1. Using chemicals that are less harmful to the environment also means a healthier household for family, pets, and visitors. A healthier environment also means a more appealing place to live. In addition, green cleaning helps you to share a positive environmental image and can save you MONEY$$$.
  2. Poor indoor air quality can cause a variety of illnesses and cause frequent doctor or hospital visits.
  3. Poor indoor air quality consistently ranks among the top five environmental risks to public health.
  4. By going green you can create a healthier home and
    • cut down on the amount of hazardous chemicals used.
    • reduce the potential for spills and accidents.
    • potentially have lower home maintenance costs.
    • project a positive environmental image to the community.
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Improved indoor air quality

A healthier indoor environment will lead to the increased well-being of household occupants.

Financial benefits

Green cleaning focuses on keeping the dirt and soil out, and preventive maintenance. This leads to lower cleaning and maintenance costs.


Using green products and practices, such as use of less hazardous cleaning chemicals, proper chemical storage, use and disposal, lessens the likelihood of accidents, fires, spills, and explosions

Happier family members

Implementing a green cleaning program in the home allows your family to work together for a common cause in helping to preserve the planet.

Increased property and resale value

By implementing green features such as energy-efficient lighting and non-toxic cleaners, you can increase your home’s value.


What Is Involved In Green Cleaning

In our green cleaning program, we train our employees to remove dirt and soil, and not just spread it around or make it airborne. Green cleaning involves using green or environmentally preferred products and practices to clean your home. Our green cleaning is much more than just using “green” cleaning products. We have developed a complete green cleaning system to help you maintain a healthy home. We use products that are not only “green” but are concentrated and use less packaging for reduced environmental impact. We also look at ways to keep soil out of homes, such as more mats and deeper cleaning at entryways. Additionally, we may suggest more frequent routine maintenance such as vacuuming so that the need for deep cleaning (i.e. carpet cleaning) frequency, is reduced.

We use EPA and Green Seal approved products that are safe for the environment, pets and children.

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Green Products Really Work

Today’s green products are not only effective at cleaning, but they are also no more expensive than traditional cleaning products and, in some cases, may be more economical. With the wide variety of green cleaning chemicals in the marketplace today, there is a green product for every cleaning situation.